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Sample Edit

Before plunging into a project, I insist on completing a free, no-obligation sample edit of your manuscript. Doing so allows you to see exactly what you can expect from me and allows both of us to determine if we will be a good match for your goals. If you are unsure of what form of editing you need, a sample edit that showcases my recommendations might help with that decision as well. Ready to get started?

Copy Editing

From $.01/word

Once you have finished developmental work on your manuscript, a copy edit—an in-line edit for correctness and accuracy—is in order. In a copy edit, per the guidelines set forth by The Chicago Manual of Style (or other style guides for certain genres), I work word by word to eliminate errors that exist within the text. This includes correcting and avoiding inconsistencies within the manuscript, so a style sheet is created at this point to aid with uniformity in the editing process and in any subsequent writing.

In a copy edit, your content will be fully examined for matters of grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, style, accuracy of facts and figures, consistency, legal integrity, and general typos.

Line Editing

From $.015/word

If you feel you need more than a tidy-up, if your book isn't yet reading like a book, then you might consider requesting a line edit. A line edit addresses the overall readability of your manuscript from paragraph to paragraph and line to line. It seeks, for example, to improve flow and clarity, bring out a consistent and audience-appropriate voice, and maximize the content's efficiency and effectiveness. In a line edit, I'll work to make your writing sing!

Developmental Editing

From $.03/word

Developmental editing is broadly defined, but it can be summarized as vision casting and/or vision executing. Developmental work can take place in the middle of writing or even before it begins, and in cases like that I will come alongside you in more of a coaching role. Most authors, though, seek a developmental edit after a completed first draft of the manuscript is in hand. If this is your current position, I am prepared to sit down with your manuscript over the course of a few weeks or even months and work with you on making your book everything it is in your head but is not yet on paper (and perhaps even bring out a few hidden gems you didn't even see buried within the lines of your text).

The specifics of a developmental edit vary depending on an author's needs, but a project will often include general consultation; market research; an editorial memo with my remarks, critiques, and suggestions; and in-line revisions to demonstrate suggestions and help rework trouble areas. We will address matters of your book’s concept, purpose, structure, style, pacing, flow, clarity, marketability, and everything in between through close email communication.

Editorial Assessment

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If you aren't quite sure what your editing needs are, a good option for you might be the editorial assessment. In an editorial assessment, I will read through your manuscript and evaluate the state of its key elements. You will receive both an in-depth report and comments within the document that will outline strengths and weaknesses and provide suggestions for improvement.

Other services

For inquiries about my services for web content and other formats of writing, contact me and I will be happy to discuss how I can address your needs!