1What is your turnaround time?
I tend to book a couple months out. Occasionally I have holes in my schedule to accommodate smaller projects or last-minute openings for full-length books. The length of a project from start to finish depends on the manuscript’s word count, the type of edit, and the amount of work the manuscript needs. On average I have a 60,000-word manuscript in my hands for three weeks for each round of editing.
2What are my payment options?
Typically, I require half of the total project fee up front, with the final half due upon the return of the completed draft.
3Will my manuscript be free of errors after you're finished?
Depending on its condition when it comes to me, your manuscript can return to you extremely clean following a copy edit. However, editors are only human. The industry standard is correcting at least 95% of errors. Editing is a multi-level process. It takes a team to produce a good book. So I always recommend having a proofreader (and specifically someone who has not worked on your manuscript before) go through the final draft before you publish.
4How should I prepare my manuscript for editing?
No special preparations are necessary, although it is helpful if you can send your manuscript to me as a Word document. For your sake, you might want to do as much self-editing as you can prior to requesting a quote. When I see a manuscript that has been handled with care and is relatively free of typos, it hints to me that a project will be a less intensive one (which means I’m able to charge you less!).
5Is my work kept confidential?
Always! Your material is never shared without your permission!
6Will you endorse my book or leave a review?
Because I am not an objective party, as a rule I do not leave reviews or write endorsements for client's books. I am, however, your cheerleader every step of the way!