Editorial Assessment


Is my book any good?
Is it worth investing in?
Will it have an impact on people?
Do I have a shot at a traditional publishing contract?

V ariations of these questions nag at the minds of first-time authors. And the answers are elusive, because what’s “not the right fit” for thirty publishers can be just what one publisher has been waiting for and what's “worth it” is subjective. What constitutes success for one author isn’t necessarily another’s goal.

But most of the time the question isn’t "Do I have a chance at achieving my goals?" It’s "What will it take for me to achieve my goals?" Your book has a path to the finish line you're pushing toward; it's just a matter of determining what it is. That’s what an editorial assessment from me will help you do. Tell me about yourself and your goals and send me your manuscript to read, and I will write up a detailed roadmap for you. This will include a breakdown of what work your book needs to become the best version of itself, but also what has to happen outside of the boundaries of your manuscript to get your book in front of your target audience. After reviewing your report, you will be in the position to proceed with an expectation of what your desired path to publishing is going to cost you in time, money, and effort or readjust and begin moving in a direction that will work better for you.

Your editorial report will outline the state of key elements of your manuscript, including concept, structure, style, pacing, flow, clarity, correctness, soundness, marketability, and audience. It will also list strengths and weaknesses and give specific recommendations for your next steps.


Option 1 - $200


For authors who are in the early stages of writing or who prefer an abbreviated assessment. Submit your book proposal or first three chapters. Children's picture books can be sub- mitted under this option too.

Option 2 - $350

Full Manuscript

For assessment of full-length man- uscripts (up to 70,000 words). For projects over 70,000 words, contact me for a quote.