Because I approach each project prayerfully and view each as an opportunity to help in carrying out the Great Commission, I only accept manuscripts that I can personally invest in with my full ability and expertise from start to finish and even beyond the book’s release.

I work on the full range of manuscripts that fall within the following genres and subgenres: Christian nonfiction, family and parenting, marriage and relationships, charitable work, and children's books with Christian themes or positive messages that do not clash with biblical principles.

Additionally, I work on many books that fall within these following genres and subgenres: Christian fiction, inspirational, self-help, memoir, biography, history, charitable organizations, and politics.

I do not work on manuscripts that deny the creation and fall of man, the Trinity, the deity and virgin birth of Christ, Christ’s substitutionary atonement, Christ‘s bodily resurrection, the sinner's justification by faith alone, the return of Christ, and biblical inerrancy.

Unsure if your manuscript will fall into my wheelhouse? Send me a message! I'll be happy to speak with you and clarify these guidelines.